Wiring harness for 1997 ford explorer with factory installed cd changer

I am looking to upgrade my stereo in the car.
I can’t seem to find a wiring harness for my after market new receiver that includes a harness for a factory installed cd changer.

If someone could help point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.

I am also not quite sure if mine is a premium/amplified system or not.
It is a 1997 ford explorer XLT that the Vin lists as eddie bauer edition.
It does have the 2nd set of radio controls on the console for the back seat - but I’m not really worried about keeping that functionality


You might contact Crutchfield.com, they’re my ‘go to’ place for aftermarket audio.

+1 for @texases. If Crutchfield doesn’t have it…it probably doesn’t exist.

I got an adapter at Best Buy. Just wire it in to the wiring provided with your new radio and then plug directly into the existing radio plug.