Multi cd changer

I have a 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis and I am trying to install a cd changer in the trunk or under the seat. It is a Ford changer and I thought I would be able to just plug it in but no such luck. Is there an adapter or a plug built into the wire harness anywhere on the car, that anyone knows of.

Thank you Brian

Look up you vehicle on the Web. If a cd changer was an option, then, the wiring is there.

Is this a FM interfaced changer or one that is to be hard wired to the radio?

Thanks for your response. It is hard wired to the radio

That is better for you. I worked for a company that provided warranty service for dealers on OEM radios (GM FORD CHRYSLER). This company was Jimmy’s Radio in Phx AZ they have been taken over by another company.Call a dealer in your area ask who they send their factory radios for repair/exchange.We would have been able to help you.There was suprisingly alot of radio complaints to be dealt with.Pay was really bad