Wiring driving lights on the roof...but where do i bring the wires into the car?

I’m putting 3 lights on the roof rack on top of my truck and would like to wire the switch into the headliner between the driver’s and passenger’s seat, but how do I bring the wires into the car? or where? Do people drill holes in the roof when they install these or is there another way?

You are going to have to drill a hole through the roof. If the roof rack supports are hollow I would run the wires through it and through the roof where it ties to it.

You’re going to need more than just a switch to run these lights. You’re going to have to install a relay in the circuit to handle the current these lights are going to draw as a simple switch won’t handle the current.

So you could mount the relay under the hood, run the wire from the switch to the relay, and then from the relay to a 10 amp fuse, and then to the battery. Then run the wires from the lights down the tube, behind the cab, under the cab, to the relay. A wire from the relay to a 30 amp fuse and then to the battery.