Driving Light wiring

I have started a job which requires a lot of night time driving. I want to install some driving lights on my 2000 altima se. I want them to turn on and off with the high beams. I was going to tap into the hot wire from the highs but was worried that it may draw too much power for either the wires or the 15a mini fuse. Will that be a problem? Any other suggestions?

You’ll have to run a seperate fused circuit for the additional lights. The circuit for the existing lights are fused for just those lights, and the addition of extra lights to the circuit will draw too much current causing the fuse to blow.


is there any way to link the operation of the driving lights to the high beams

Sure there is. You’ll need to locate the high beam relay primary circuit. Connect an additional wire to this circuit that supplies power to an additional relay primary circuit. Run a fused wire from the battery to secondary side of the new relay, and from the secondary side of the new relay to the new lights. So now, when the voltage is applied to the primary side of the high beam relay, this voltage also supplies power to the primary side of the new relay. This closes the contacts in the new relay and the driving lights turn on.


where would i start to look for the relay