Wiring 1995 ranger

I have a problem… Well multiple ones. The interior fuze box on my ranger was said to be bad but with further testing (I just bypassed a fuze) I noticed that the fuze box is getting power but some of the wires (that control 4wd interior lights and one for the wipers and rear bed light) have a short or something in them. I can jiggle the wires abit and some of the functions work for a little bit but then stop. It’s the 4 wd (really need that) the selector light doesn’t seem to work, the speedometer temp gauge wipers ignition switch(switch works just won’t crank so I put in a switch to bypass Goin right to the solonoid trigger) and interior dome light. That’s all as far as I can tell but whats going to be the best way to fix this? Are they all related somehow? Just got this truck for really cheap ($700) and it runs and drives good though aside from not functioning speedometer. Doesn’t burn oil or coolant as far as I can tell. Also the engine sometimes sputters just abit when I press on the brake. The battery in it now is weak but I don’t know if that could be related or not. It’s not been sputtering recently but has in the past. It’s an auto xlt with a 3.0l

I will address just the fuse box. My son has a 98 Jeep Wrangler with similar problems. We lost the headlights and then the starter, traced it to the fuse box. On the lights I saw that the wire had broken @ the crimp for the connector buried in the fuse box, I tried to pull it out and re solder it but that did not work. I ended up wiring around it and putting an inline fuse in. Similar problem with the starter. My guess is that you have the same problem You can try to fix the wires, but for the Jeep the time and effort was not worth it. Suggest you wire around also. Just pick an inline fuse of the same rating as in the box.

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