Wires maybe

okay, my dash lights are not working, even after replacing the fuse, that worked before, & All I can hear through my radio is cd’s and some AM, no FM! I have been told it could be wires, my antenna, or in the stereo itself. please help

If you bring your car to the shop tomorrow, we’ll see what we can do.

The dash lights are completely unrelated to the radio. The antenna for FM is likely not working, bad wire or bad connection at the radio or antenna itself. You can get AM stations with almost no antenna, but FM takes a good working antenna.

Has someone been working under your dashboard? Such as installing a radio? If so, they may have messed up some of the wiring.

It might help to tell us what make model and year car you have.

Just off hand I would guess the most likely problems is a bad ground to the dash. How about the gauges, are they working? Likely the fix will require someone checking things out in person under the dash.

Good Luck.

Did you check the dimmer control for the dash lights? If that is where it should be then I would suspect a problem in the wiring to it.

The radio needs a good antenna for AM to work well, but not for the FM section so much. FM broadcast signals have a lot shorter wavelength than AM does so you can get away with some degraded performance of the antenna. If you cannot pick up any FM stations then either the band selection switch isn’t working or the FM tuning section has a problem.

what shop and where?? and is it going to cost anything to have it looked at?

oh sorry… I have a 94 dodge shadow, automatic. Im not sure if they are working or not, the readings are fine. Im a girl, so I really know nothing about cars…