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Wire wheels with knockoff

Anyone have any experience with old style wire wheels with a center knock off? Which way do you hit the knockoff on either side of the car? How does that work? Rocketman

The wings that you hit to knock them off are not straight, they sort of angle from the hub. You hit them on the side where they have the most strength. For example, if you are looking at the hub with the wings at 9 & 3. If the wing at nine is slanted upward and the wing at 3 is slanted downward, you would hit the wing at 9, the one pointed upward with a downward blow to remove it.

It takes less force to tighten them than it does to remove them.

I believe they all loosen counterclockwise. You may want to check on a car-specific site for the specific vehicle involved.

It’s been many years and my experience was limited to a few British roadsters and all had standard right hand threads and they were all marked ON-OFF. A brass hammer was part of the OE tool kit.

Per Wikipedia:

Most setups will feature right-hand threads on the left side of the vehicle, and left-hand threads (rotate clockwise to remove) on the vehicle's right side so the screw-on spinner would stay tightened as the auto was in forward motion.

I’ve read that Lotus is the opposite because of a unique taper.