Changing an XKE tire


how does this tire come off? XKE Jaguar - has a small hub in center.


IIRC, the older Jags had large “knock-offs” in the center of their wheel holding it on. This was for fast tire changes at Le Mans and other race tracks.

Usually, a good hard hit in the right direction with a rubber mallet will loosen the knock-off to the point where you can turn it by hand. I assume that they are tightened in a clockwise fashion and loosened in a counterclockwise fashion, but that is just a guess.


thanks…I have just never seen this set up before. I will try that this evening. It does have a directional arrow on it!


You may use a lead hammer to loosen them if you have a steady hand. Good luck.


The directional arrow is probably for tightening, so hit in the other direction to loosen. The knock-offs may be threaded differently for the left and right sides, so check both before you start whacking away, and don’t switch them from one side to the other when you put them back on.

Check them every so often for tightness, too, as they may come a bit loose on their own.


The correct tool is a heavy brass hammer and there should be one in the cars tool kit. When you have the wheel off, carefully inspect the small (too small) splines in the wheel hub for rust. These had a NASTY habit of stripping under heavy braking, allowing the wheel to turn and the hub to stop as in Brake Failure…


thanks to all - I will be certain to try these suggestions this evening.


There are the tool, and hammers, wrenches, plus other stuff, at:


Your Jaguar will have either knock off centers with “ears” or hexagon shaped “nuts” holding the wheels on. Close examination will reveal the word “undo” with an arrow pointing in the correct direction to remove the center. If you have the “ears” you can hit the appropriate one with a copper-faced hammer. I prefer to use an old piece of 2x4 between the hammer and the center to avoid scarring it up. If you have the hexagon type, there should be a wrench in your tool kit. Put the wrench over the nut and hit it with a hammer. If it’s been a while since they have been off, they may be stuck on the splines. If so, loosen the center a little bit and drive slowly in a circle with the affected wheel on the inside of the turn circle. It should loosen up. Don’t drive on the street this way. As mentioned by an earlier poster, be sure to grease the splines before re-installing.

Congratulations on having an interesting car!