Wire from the body to the hatch is cut

1987 Acura Integra
Wire from the body to the hatch is cut. I fixed it before - it lasted a few yrs - it prob needs a wire attachment.

What gauge wire are they typically?
How many watts the soldering iron needs to be to solder it? Mine is 15w I believe.

Any ready made parts to connect it?

Is this the ground wire for the rear window defroster?? Should be easy enough to make a new one…14ga wire and the proper end connectors… A female spade on one end and a eye on the other…

I had the same problem with my Ford. I used crimp connectors, but added about a foot of 16 gauge wire, larger than the original gauge. This way, the broken ends with the connectors can be tucked into the body panels away from the stress.

Just remove the entire hatch…pull the wires out a bit…and solder in what you need. Then tuck them back into the body a little so there isnt too much pull stress on them and youre good to go. Whats the problem?