Anyone know about Starter cut relay in Acuras?

First, thanks to David Wright for responding to my 1990 Integra problem. I have seen mention on other discussion sites about “starter cut relay” problems and wondered if this could be the problem my car is having. See my previous post titled:

1990 Integra sometimes just dies while driving


After a look at your other post I think you were given some good advice there; both about the ignition switch and hanging too much junk on the key chain.

Forget the starter relay business for now.

The fact that you stated the dashboard warning lights do not come on point to the ignition switch as the primary suspect and a secondary suspect could be a corroded ro burned connection on or in a fusible link which supplies primary power to all of the car’s ignition/fuel circuits, etc.

Switches are made of genuine, solid plastic and age along with electrical heat can do them in over time.