Wipers park in middle of windshield (re-posted)

I have a 2001 Chevy S-10 and the wiper motor went out. I replaced the motor (with new circuit board) and the wipers work again. However, when the wipers are turned off they park in the middle of the windshield. When they are operated on intermittent setting they briefly pause in the middle of the windshield as well and then continue with a complete cycle. When they run on the low or high setting they operate fine. I have replaced the wiper/dimmer switch on the steering column and have also swapped out the circuit board but the wipers continue to do this. I have even disconnected the battery when the wipers are at the bottom of the windshied during a cycle in hopes of resetting the memory with no luck. Is there another relay switch that I am overlooking or does the motor somehow need to be reset? Thank you for your time!


The shaft of the motor where the wiper transmission mounts is not round. It has flats, which are necessary to drive the transmission. It’s possible to mount the transmission arm to this shaft correctly or 180 degrees wrong.

You did it wrong.

Take the motor off and put the wipers in the home position. THEN attach the transmission to the motor.

I agree with jaywb. Your wipers are put of sequence.

The wipers were out of whack! When I re-installed the wiper motor (the first time) and attached the transmission arm to the wiper motor shaft, the wiper motor shaft rotated 180 degrees while I was tightening down the nut. This allowed for the wipers to work properly during normal cycle but not to park in the correct position. I just made sure that the wiper motor shaft did not move at all this time when I tightened everything up and everything stayed in alignment! Thanks! I now know much more about wiper motors and switches than I ever cared to.
Thanks for the help!

When you put the wipers back on after the replacement did you run the wiper motor first? The motor has relays that auto park the motor. Then put the wiper on in the full down position.