Taurus '94 wiper motor?

Daughter reports that wipers park straight up, but otherwise work OK. Am I looking at anything other than the wiper motor (that is, the part of it that controls the parking)?

By disconnecting the linkage to the motor, setting the wipers in the Park position, and reconnecting the linkage you should be able to fix the trouble.

Usually, there is a push pin on a cam in the transmission of the wiper assembly that gets stuck that causes this issue. When you get to the wiper assembly, there is a half dollar sized round plastic plug on top that you can pry off. Under this you will see the cam. Use a screw driver to force the pin into the cam, then grease it.

Thanks for the info. I did replace the motor with one from a “recycler”, and it’s working now.

I had seen the pin that I think you mean. It is spring loaded, and it was pushed up into its slot OK, and moved freely. The old motor just seemed to stop about 180-deg away from where it is supposed to be. If it is actually 180-deg, I agree that a mechanical failure seems more likely than a failure in the motor’s electronics. I had also tried to get off the plastic cover on the electronics (not the cover you mentioned; that one went onto the replacement motor), but it was harder than the effort I was willing to give.

I just now turned around from the computer and pulled the old motor out of the trash. The pin still moves freely. Maybe I’ll spend a little more time trying to get the plastic cover off, or hook up a power supply and see if it comes back to the right position.