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Wiper Woes

I recently replaced the wipers on my 2007 Toyota Avalon Limited. The new wipers are a rather expensive one-piece design that tends to bounce along the windshield producing an irritating noise. Never had this problem with the original equipment wipers. I have cleaned the wipers with alcohol, which temporarily improves the situation but the problem quickly returns. Only relief comes during major downpours.

Good to know. Thanks?

If you didn’t throw the originals away, head to a parts store (or the dealer) and buy refills for them. If you tossed them, well…

The $7.00 Michelin branded blades at Wal-Mart are the best value on the market. If you still have the receipt, return those silly one-piece things and get the Michelins.

You could try applying Rain-X to the windshield, although not everyone likes that effect.

Personally, I’d just stick with the OEM ones, since you know they worked.