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2007 Toyota Avalon - Wipers

windshield wipers always rub on window, no matter what brand of wiper blades. Any help?

Do you mean wiper parts other than the rubber blade rubs on the window?

No, just the blades don’t glide as they should.It comes as a unit including the rubber piece. It makes me wonder if the angle of the arms themselves are off, but I’ve never messed with them.

Do you have an Avalon?

No I don’t have an Avalon.
I suspect buildup of ‘invisible’ grime due to pollutants in the air or microscopic abrasion by sand or dust.
But what I would try is thoroughly cleaning the windshield with something like Bon Ami or Bartenders Friend, followed by treatment with rain-x. Use only a quality fluid in your windshield washer. Again, I prefer rain-x as it leaves a water beading coating on the windshield.

Alternately, you could try replacing the complete wiper arm with new OEM parts from Toyota, but I doubt that would help.
Many of the posters on this site lean towards using Bosch wiper blades.


Do the blades “chatter” as they move across the glass? in one direction only?

Some times the angle of the blade is off, check that it makes the same angle in both directions.

I know I am ’ nit picking here ’ but it would be nice to know more about this problem . ( and it is not specific to Avalon vehicles ) . Do they not work well from new , do they work ok in the rain , have the blades been cleaned and the windshield cleaned , is the OP trying to wipe dust off without activating the washers and is there a chance that the length of the blades is wrong.

You can use a clay bar on glass, and I suspect it will help a lot. When you clay a car and feel the way the crud that was on the paint lifts off, you begin to understand how much stuff is stuck to the windshield. Simple car washing won’t do it. Get yourself a clay bar kit from Target and go to work. It’s pretty easy. After that you can see if the wipers work better or differently, and go from there.

I’m also in agreement with the other guys . . . there’s probably still some dirt, grit, etc. on the windshield, that is preventing the wipers from doing their job

Even new wiper blades typically won’t clear off tree sap, to use an extreme example

Thank you for the suggestions. I will try deep cleaning the windshield this weekend

I get best results on my Corolla using the TriCo “Exact Fit” version. To get like new performance, buy the complete wiper blade, not just the blade refill. Your local auto parts store may have to order a set for you. If they won’t, find another auto parts store.

Ok thanks!