Where to get wiper blades?


The guy at the auto parts store about laughed at me when I said I was looking for replacement wiper blades, not the whole wiper assembly.

Anyone know where to get just blade refills?


I believe what the auto parts salesman wanted to sell you was the entire wiper blade. I have purchased the refill (just the rubber squeegee) at WalMart in the past. However, I have found it works better and is more convenient to buy the entire wiper blade. The difference in cost isn’t that much.


You’re right. I don’t like that either. I think part of the problem lies in the fact that there are at least three different widths and MANY different lengths of REFILLS needed. The manufacturers combat that by having adapters in each package that will attach the whole new assy to your wiper arm. I have bought refills at my local Autozone within the last six months, but I can’t tell you if they still stock them in all widths and lengths. I have bought extremely long ones and cut them down to the desired length too. They’re mostly plastic backed, and will cut with good scissors.


The difference in cost is about double.


Some parts stores sell refills and whole blade assemblies. Try another store.


I agree that you need a different parts store. Any good auto parts store will have both the refills that you want, as well as the blade assembly that they were trying to sell you.


They’re usually hanging right next to the wiper assemblies. Often, you’re better off just replacing the whole assembly these days. The blade holders are cheaper, more prone to sticking and the windshields have more contour to them so the prior issues are magnified.


True, but the original metal wiper bodies corrode over time, at least up here in New England, and lose their ability to readily follow the changing windshield profile throughout the sweep. I personally agree that whole new wipers are worth the extra few bucks. I also admit that it’s a matter of preference.

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If you have Anco blades then you have to replace them with Anco refills…If you have Bosch then you replace them with Bosch refills.

However I usually find that the whole wiper assembly usually needs replacing about once a year anyways and the cost isn’t that much different. I can buy a Anco blade for about $5 at Wally World or the refill for $3.50 at Wally World.

BTW…lately I’ve been using Michelin blades…very nice.


Thanks Mike. I might try the Michelins. put new summer blades on about three months ago and the ones I got didn;t last. They’re already not doing an acceptable job.

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Most cars today have different size blades between the driver side and passenger side. The refills have always been sold in pairs so you end up buying two sets of refills, which cost about the same as two entire blade assemblies, and if you’re like me, you loose the second refills by the time you need them.

I’ve had real good luck with Triple Edge from Walmart. They have a lifetime warrantee, but of course you have to keep the original package and receipt, but mine last 3-4 years and thats good enough for me. I go through the other brands about every 6 months. I also use Rain-X. It doesn’t help the blades last longer but it does increase forward visibility in heavy rain.


Make that 2 votes for the Michelin wiper blades. I’ve been using them for the past year, and am very pleased. The slight difference in price (compared to Anco blades) is well worth it.

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Hey MB…I found mine a Wallmart in Salem. I’m sure other Wallmarts will have them. I tried them and very pleased with them so far.


I’ve had real good luck with Triple Edge from Walmart.

Be carefull they don’t burn out your wiper motor. They did mine on my 84 S-15.


How do you know it was the wiper blades specifically, and not old age of the motor?


I use Anco winter blades year round. To me they are the best blades. Click and Clack have said they will burn up your wiper motor, but Ive never had to replace a wiper motor. I put 200k on one car using these blades, 100k on some others… No wiper motor problems.


Click and Clack are wrong. I’ve very often used Ancos and had 338,000 on my pickup and 240,000 on my Camry, and I’ve never burned up a motor either.

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I’ve used the walmart brand ones (yellow/blue box) and they are loud and wear faster than the bosch or the ones at pep boys. It costs $25 for a set on both cars but they last about 18 months before I need new ones. I agree that I used to put in refills but they try to push the whole package now. a lot faster and easier although more costly.


Um, try Wal Mart, but I gave up messing with refills years ago. The whole blade is only $3.50 and last 6 months to a year depending on weather. I wouldn’t mess with refills.



I’ve got Triple edge on six cars now, including an 86 Toyota, haven’t burned out a wiper motor yet. Maybe the Rain-X is helping.