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Winter tire size, very close

I am purchasing a '06 Saab 9-3 wagon, tire size 215-55-16.

I have winter tires from my previous car with lots of life left, size 215-60-16.

Can I get away with this size difference?

The only difference between the winter tires and the tires that are on the vehicle now is, the winter tires have a taller sidewall height of .42 inch. This might throw the speedometer off a couple of MPH’s.


It all depends on the vehicle you’re trading. The wheel might not even have the same bolt pattern as the new 9-3

Your speedometer will read slow by 3.34% no big deal.

This is the website I use when I’m looking for changing tire sizes, either similar or a + or - rim size:

I thought the OP was taking about tires…NOT wheels.

Seems I did misread about that. I was just assuming they had the tires mounted on separate rims

Thanks for the comments everyone. I do have just tires, and I will put them on.