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Tire size

I’m planning to put studded snow tires on my car, a 97 Honda Civic. The tires on right now are P185 65R14. Friends of mine have P185 70R14 which they are willing to give me. Will this size fit on my car okay? Any drawbacks?

The sidewalls will be slightly taller, and the 185/70 tires will have a slightly larger overall diameter (less than an inch). This may affect the speedometer reading a little, but should not cause any mechanical problems.

Is this a set of four winter tires?

All 4 tires???

They should fit. They’ll be less then half an inch taller. So there shouldn’t be a problem.

Your speedometer and odometer will run about 3% slow. Google “Tire Size Calculator” and see for yourself. also has a good calculator as well as lots of good information on what the sizes mean. I recommend a visit.

As long as you understand that you’ll be going a wee bit faster than you were for a given speedo reading you should be fine. The section width on both is 185mm and the aspect ratio difference (65% of 185mm vs. 70% of 185mm) is minimal.


I doubt that your car has abs which may not be affected by the small change regardless. Expect a slight loss in the handling department (tread design not withstanding) and a little improvement in ride over pot holes and bumps.

You may prefer that size as a summer tire replacement as well.