Winter storage

I have a 2011 Mustang I am storing for the winter. I have stored it before, just checking to see if I am missing anything. This is what I do… Change oil, fill tank with premium and add stabilizer, pump up tires to max pressure allowed and take battery out (put in my basement). Then I cover it with a custom breathable cover and store in in my insulated (but not heated garage). Do you guys think I need to do anything else?

I should add my garage is attached to my house and I park the car on a tarp (vapor barrier).

Sounds to me you’re doing everything right.

Only other thing I do is stuff stainless steel pot scrubbers in the intake before the air filter and in the exhaust pipe(s)

Critters can’t chew thru the stuff and make nests inside the engine.


Sounds good… never noticed critters in my garage, but they are all around the house, it wouldn’t take much for them to get in.

Don’t use ordinary stabilizer. Use marine grade or an enzyme meant to neutralize the effects of the ethanol
Be sure to run the car with the stabilizer for ethanol in the tank so it runs I to the fuel lines. For critters, strategically place a few containers of Decon around the car inside traps that will only allow small animals to enter and leave so they can go somewhere else to die. . Insure that the garage doors remain closed over the winter. Disconnect the battery and place it in a non freezing area. I have had good success just removing the ground cable then charging before the spring restart,

I would disconnect the battery but leave it in the car…Cold does not hurt them and it slows the self-discharge rate…You could give it a 6 hour trickle charge every 3 months…

The tarp on the floor is not necessary in a closed garage with a concrete floor. There is no “vapor” to guard against…

Water vapor readily diffuses through concrete if there is no vapor barrier under the slab. It would be worthwhile putting a hygrometer in the garage to keep track of the moisture.

Yes, use Marine Sta-Bil. It’s stronger stuff than the regular red Sta-Bil and many people swear by it for use in their cars and boats.