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Winshield washer reservoir cap

I discovered that my winshield washer cap is split. Is there a parts store that I can Purchase a cap or is this a dealer part that needs to be ordered? Any advice on this problem.

A new cap from Accura will costs something like ten bucks. You can check all the caps before you trash or recycle them and you may find something that snaps on at little to no cost.

Split completely or partially? Does it stay on? If so, just use some vinyl tape or some tub caulk on it.

I used a piece of plastic bag and a rubber around the neck for the last 3 years on my car before it was sold.

Live A Little. Have Some Fun!

Find a “Take-it-off-yourself” Auto Recycling Center (salvage yard) and go for an interesting stroll. There’s usually lots of these there, for probably a buck or two. Take your old one along and find a matching cap.


I’m with CSA on this one. It’s a great excuse to wander around a junk yard.

I too am with CSA on this.

However, if you’re uncomfortable walking in a boneyard, any plastic cap that fits will be fine, even one from a milk bottle. Just be sure you put a vent hole in it (if the reservoir is not otherwise vented) to allow air to enter the tank as you pump out the window wash.

I’m gonna add a caveat to my post…if you use a milk bottle cap you’ll need to check it for a while to be sure it isn’t melting…