Winshield inspection

They no longer do inspections of any kind in MS. They used to do a “safety inspection” where they’d basically check to see if all of your lights were functioning and check the windshield for cracks within the driver’s line of site. They stopped doing all of that several years ago. I guess they figured the police are going to see the non functioning lights anyway, since that’s predominantly what the inspection entailed.

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Only a few county’s in my state test for emissions and the State still gets the fed funds.

In Texas emissions inspections are required in counties around DFW, Houston, El Paso, and Austin. Surprisingly, not San Antonio.

I wonder if the reason for that is because San Antonio could be considered a transient type city with all the military bases that are there.

True, but the base population is very large, second behind Houston in Texas, top 10 in the US.

Some times you have to wonder what the powers that be are thinking.

Well, it looks like they’ll have to start getting emissions inspections:
San Antonio facing intensified federal air quality regulations (

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Pretty much ALL states emission inspections are the OBD2 port ONLY inspection. NH was the last state to enact an emission inspection. Never had the tail-pipe inspection. Only used these days on older cars (built prior to OBD2) in SOME states.

OBD2 has the capability on-board so why not use it?

Way safer that putting a car on rollers putting a sniffer in the tailpipe.

My former home of Dayton is the crossroads of I75 and I70 and in a valley. Transients don’t matter to the EPA… non local traffic passing thru was a big part of the pollution, not the residents.

We roll tested cars for 10 years, at great cost, to determine the program did NOthing to reduce pollution so it was scrapped. The benefits all came from the newer, cleaner cars and trucks that took over the traffic.

That’s because it’s not necessary. OBD II is sophisticated enough to detect emissions problems.


If you live near the DC area, I’ve found independent auto glass firms that replaced windshields for me for $200 a pop, quite a deal.

And some of those independents will give you a discount for paying cash and not wanting a receipt.

Yep, probably true but the guys I used accepted credit cars and checks but if you wanted to have a prolonged discussion beyond the 30 minutes it took to do the change you’d probably need a good background in Spanish.

Sorry to say it but there’s a whole lot of folks out there who are willing to do that “scut” work at minimum wages and pay taxes that Americans aren’t willing to do, if only to assure that their kids receive an American Education with all the possibilities.

“My father was a Physics professor in Petersburg, after his escape worked in a Fotomat in the US, but his kids graduated Cornell (Ivy)” is more common than we think.

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This is the American dream. It was for my grandparents. They came to the US for a better life for their KIDS. They knew they’d probably never achieve the American Dream in their lifetime. But their kids would.