Windstar Oil Pump

Simple Question! is it possible to replace the oil pump through the sump without pulling the motor?

That depends on whether you can get the oil pan off with the engine in place…Why do you want to replace the oil pump? It’s the longest lasting part of the engine since it has the BEST lubrication…Replacing the oil pump seldom accomplishes anything…

The oil light came on and shortly afterwards it started to make tappet noises as though it was not getting any oil. The oil is clean ang replaced recently. The noise is not being made by a single tappet it sounds like all of them.

Oil pumps don’t fail like that. Now if the drive twists out, that’s another story. See if the drive at the bottom of your distributor is rounded out. That should be what turns your pump …at least I believe so.

Now if the relief valve spring broke or the valve got stuck, that would also give low pressure “all of a sudden”.

So the oil pressure light came on and it will not go off at idle or even a little above idle?? It’s just on and it’s staying on?? (do not drive the car like this or run the engine for more than a few seconds)…

If the oil pump has failed or oil pressure has been lost for whatever reason then it’s quite likely the engine has some damage.
I’m still waiting to see my first bad oil pump.

year and engine size must be posted with a question like this.

a 3.0 had a pan accessable pump but the 3.8 had it in the lower corner of the front timing cover.

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