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2000 Mitsubishi Galant oil pump

My mechanic replaced my oil pump April 30th 2011. For some unknown reason.The old oil pump locked and left me stranded on the highway. I bought a brand new one and it was installed. Now July 13th 2011(<3months later) the oil pump has gone bad Again. What could be causing this? My mechanic is suggesting that I just change the whole engine. How can I solve this oil pump problem? Is it normal for an oil pump to go bad so frequently? how can I save my car…

There’s not enough info provided to know what has been going on with this car but the repairs sound dubious.

If your old oil pump locked up (very iffy diagnosis IMO) this means the entire engine would have suffered and a pump replacement would be an exercise in futility.
If an oil pump legitimately suffered a seizure then lack of oil would be about the only thing that would cause this; either running the oil level way low or the engine is sludged up and oil cannot pass through the pickup screen.