1.8t 2003 problem

Hey got a jetta 1.8t, while driving on the highway my oil light went on, then till i came to a full stop i started to hear noises on the engine… Drained the oil, put a new oil in… Unfortounantly my turbo was gone, then fixed it & oil switch 2 times, but my oil light came back on after 2 days of driving… Do you guys think its the oil pump thats causing the problem? Or engine problem? Please help…

Offhand, I would say the engine’s days are numbered and replacing the oil pump would be an exercise in futility.

What should be done is to run an oil pressure test with an external gauge.

More than likely the oil light is coming on because of low oil pressure due to the crankshaft bearings and possibly the camshaft races in the cylinder head being scrubbed away due to lack of oil…

I concur with @ok4450 and his assessment. No use throwing good money after bad.

So you guys are saying that itll be a waste of money trying to change the oil pump? By the way cars @ 167km @ok4450‌

An oil pressure test should be done before considering the replacement of any part at all. The engine should be allowed to warm up fully and the reading taken at that point.

Look at it this way. The oil pump is the first part in the lubrication system to receive oil and if the first part is worn out then there is no reason to think that everything following it is fine.