2000 Nissan Altima GLE brake repair fiasco

I took my car into a local garage for it’s 90K maintenance check. They replaced a leaky wheel cylinder on the rear passenger side of the car. Then they replaced both rear brake shoes and drums. Each time they replaced these parts, now 4 times, there is a noise from the rear passenger side drum brake. It seems the brakes have to warm up before the noise is heard. And the noise seems to change each time. First it was a thump, thump, thump. I had them un-rotate the tires on the passenger side, and the brake noise changed to a low whoosing sound. The wheel, originally on the front, and then on the rear, has a slight bend in the rim. I had another shop look at the rim and they said it wasn’t a big deal and it shouldn’t contribute to the noise problem. So I had the first shop rotate those 2 wheels again, so now all the tires are where they should be. The shop now says it must be the wheel hub causing the drums to go out of round when the brakes heat up. And they want me to split the cost of a new hub with them. They’ve had my car on 3 different days for many hours trying to figure out why the new brakes are making a noise, which is now a dit-dit-dit sound. Should I let them put a new hub on? Will that solve the noise problem? The brakes weren’t making any noises when I first took my car in for this checkup. I’ve already paid them $700+ for the maintenance check, and they warranty their work for 25K miles. So all the new sets of brakes and the labor isn’t costing anything more. But my time has been wasted waiting for these fools to get it right.