Windstar 2003 check engine light, no code

I forgot to mention the spark plugs were changed in the following with the ignition wires:

My Windstar has 91,000 miles. Several months ago, with about a quarter of a tank, in rain, the check engine light came on, blinking. Engine was missing. My mechanic put new ignition wires on. Several weeks later, similar thing happened, but stopped after about 2 minutes. 3 months later, 1/4 tank of fuel, heavy rain, again the light was on blinking. Took it to my mechanic but the light turned off by the time he connected his computer. A code showed a problem with the 3rd injector. Plan was to replace it. After I left him the light started blinking and I filled the tank. Light went off, then came on but not blinking. I took it to him 2 days later to repair. But, no light, no codes, running like new! I wonder if there is a problem with water in the fuel? Any ideas?

Our relatives had some problems in the rain with their Windstar. They had to replace the alternator.

Ask around at the auto part stores in your area.  Many will read codes for free.  Get the code read (you may still have a stored code even after the light goes out) and post it back here.  It should be something like [ P0123 ].  I suspect something minor.

Note: never ignore a flashing CEL as they can mean safety problems or something can can cause serious damage.

Certainly have the codes read whenever the light comes back on.

Since it seems to be associated with rain, I would ask the shop to check the Crankshaft Position Sensor (CkPS). If the plug, its wiring, or the sensor itself have some damage then getting it wet will create havoc.

If anyone tells you that you need a new alternator (see note above) I would be suspicious, since this could be related to poor connections or bad wires, but is unlikely to be the alternator itself. (Not impossible, just unlikely). The smart thing to do first would be to clean/check all alternator/battery wiring & connections - especially grounds.

You can link your other post, on this problem, like this: Simple, yes?

Your mechanic can simulate the splashed water from rain with a water filled spritzer bottle. He would spray water on the wires to the crankshaft position sensor, and wait for the results.

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Thank you. I am new to using this but am a big fan of Click and Clack.

A local AutoZone checked it for me. Code PO303, Cylinder 3 misfire detected. Again it was in the rain as the fuel tank went under half a tank.