2003 Windstar, Check engine light on, code

A local AutoZone checked the code for me: Code PO303, Cylinder 3 misfire detected. It was in the rain as the fuel tank went under half a tank. It did this before in rain with a low fuel tank. Fuller tanks haven’t had a problem. Coincidence? Recently replaced plugs and ignition wires. How do I fix it? 91,000 miles.

This is your third thread on this problem. Here was the most recent with the most replies: http://community.cartalk.com/posts/list/2121072.page

Keep it all together or it is practically impossible for people to help.

If you come back in and can’t find it, use the search button.

Has anyone checked the crank position sensor yet? Has anyone checked anything else. Like the fuel injectors - perhaps # 3 especially?