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Windshield wipers

Hi. The windshield wipers on my '98 Volvo S90 seem kaput. I can hear the motor but the arms don’t move. I am assuming it’s the wiper transmission and have been quoted astronomical amounts for repair. Any suggestions as to what to expect price wise - perhaps these guys see me coming. Thanks much.

Not sure about your volvo but there’s usually a nut that needs to be tightened. It attaches the wiper arm to the assembly that makes it move. Usually the nut (or maybe a bolt) is hidden under a cover.
My ancient volvo had that sort of mechanism. If so, tighten it yourself and you’ll save some money.

Edit - found a page with some simple instructions for you:

Thank you! I’ll check that out first.

You’re awsome, RemcoW. Very helpful.

That wiper arm is attached by means of a nut. That cover seems to just pop off with some careful prying. It could be that the arm is stripped out, in which case it will need to be replaced but I’d try tightening that nut first.