Windshield wiper not working?

Driver side wiper was frozen to glass when wipers were turned on. That wiper no longer works with motor but can be moved by hand. Is there a sheer key or something that needs to be replaced to fix this.If so is this a job that a backyard mechanic do himself?

What usually happens is the splines in the aluminum wiper arm gets striped out where it slips on the splines of the wiper posts.

Remove that wiper arm from the post and check to see if the splines in the arm are wiped out. If they are, replace that wiper arm.


Thanks for the tip. I will check this. It looks as though the nut holding the arm on is covered with a plastic cap unlike the drivers side which is exposed. Do you know if that cover just pries off to gain access to the nut? Thanks again

The cap on the wiper arm should just pop open to expose the mounting nut.


I was able to pick up a wiper arm at a local Pull-It yard and the replacement was very easy. The wiper is now working again. Thanks again for your quick and exact response to my problem. speedyal