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Windshield wiper

my windshield wiper doesn’t go all the way “up” and sometimes stops half way down which in turn the other wiper runs into it and gets stuck. why is this happening?

Try turning the wipers off while the engine is still running; then turn the engine off. Most wipers will park on the middle of the windshield, rather then the bottom when you turn the engine off first.

Sounds like something is wrong with the linkage.

wats that and how can i find out with out paying

If you have to ask, then you probably need to find someone else to look at it. That said… There are some metal levers that connect the wipers together and to the wiper motor gear box. I guess it may also be possible that the wiper arm itself is loose at the shaft that it attaches to (most have splines that make this impossible).

See if you’re able to move the wiper by hand. If so, either the nut that holds it to the post is loose. or the splines in the wiper arm are stripped out which will require replacing the wiper arm assembly.


alright ill look at it, thank you 4 ur help