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Windshield Wiper, cigarette lighter adapter,Air Condition Went out on 2001 chevy malibu


I have a 2001 chevy Malibu and my winshield wipers will not work anymore. I still hear the mother when i try to dispense the liquid But the wipers will not move or liquid does not come out either. Later on my 5 settings air conditioner the first 2 settings would not work. then my Cigarette lighter adaper would not work. and then finally the fan on the air conditioner went out. On setting off or even 1-5 i still feel the hot or cold air when the vents are open so outside air comes in the car. but the fan does not work at all.

My quesiton is are these things related? They all went out within a months time

I suggest you check the fuse for the windshield wipers. If the fuse is OK, check the wiper relay.

If the pump for the windshield washer is running but you don’t get any fluid on the windshield, either the reservoir is empty of there is a problem with the delivery tubes. They are either clogged or broken. A visual inspection under the hood may tell you which.

The fan problem is caused by the blower (fan) resistor, which is now shot. The resistor is not expensive, and will probably solve the fan problem whether you use the heat or the AC, since the same fan (blower) is used for both.

Cigarette lighter/adapter? Once again, check the fuse. There aren’t really any other problem areas on this circuit.

These things are not related. They are separate problems.

How can you drive a car with non-functioning windshield wipers? This is a significant safety hazard.

At least two of them are clearly related.
You blower motor was going bad, probably bad bearings. The added load of the bad motor blew out the resistors for two of your blower speeds. Later, the blower motor itself failed completely.
Another common point? A poorly maintained car or a lemon from the factory.
Get rid of it, or fix the wipers, replace the blower and blower resistor pack, and fix the problem with the lighter socket.

You have a ground problem, so somebody has to check the engine to body ground wire to make sure it isn’t broken. Usually it is somewhere near the alternator and connects to the fender. While it is disconnected, don’t start the engine or use anything electrical. Then scrape the end to the fender and put it back on. Simple problems like dirty battery connections could cause problems too.