Windshield Replaced With Defective Glass

In order to save a lousy $40, I used a windshield replacement shop just down the street from my regular repair shop, b/c they had a coupon in the phone book. The lower third of the windshield had a distortion in it–as if I was looking through prescription glasses that were too strong for me. The woman seemed to know exactly what the problem was when I called to report defective glass. The shop’s supplier put a crack in the 2nd windshield during delivery; then the installer cracked the 3rd windshield while screwing in the rear view mirror. They profusely apologized, but they didn’t want to order the 4th windshield until the fresh epoxy had cured. I still think their glass is inferior, and I am dreading going back. There’s a huge difference in estimate prices, so how are consumers supposed to know who has decent-quality glass?

Most of those problems are not the result of defective glass; those are delivery and installer problems.
Look on the corner of the glass. There should be a DOT stamp on there and this means that it should conform to government safety standards. If there is no DOT stamping this would have to mean inferior bootleg glass, possibly out of China.
However, I find this scenario difficult to fathom and just don’t see a glass shop pulling a stunt like this.

That is what you pay for. Was it worth the 40 dollar savings to go cheap? Doesn’t your insurance replace windshields?