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Windshield fluid hose issue

I have a 2002 Camry, and I’m having an issue with the hose that connects the windshield fluid reservoir to the nozzles in the hood. It keeps on coming disconnected after a second or two of pumping fluid. Is it ok to use glue or superglue to keep it connected or do I need to get a new hose that will stay attached? The hose is rubber and it fits over a plastic piece.

My guess is that either the hose is old/stiff/worn, or the sprayers are plugged. I’d cut about 1/4 - 1/2" off to see if fresh hose will stay attached, if there’s enough slack to do that.

Is the spray pattern OK?

The hose seemed to be pliable though there might be a tear/crack in it. The force of the pump causes it to fly off after a second or two. When it is spraying in those few seconds, the pattern is fine. I’ll have to see if there is enough slack. If not, is it ok to use glue?


If shortening the hose doesn’t work, use a new hose

It’s not a good idea to use glue

It probably won’t work in the first place

And it’ll make hose removal in the future that much more difficult

You could try getting a little hose clamp, or use a zip-tie to keep it on. I like the idea of cutting the hose and trying a new section in case the old part of the hose lost its elasticity and doesn’t conform to the plastic nozzle anymore.

Replacement hose is cheaply available at any auto parts store. It’s not a big deal to replace it. Personally, my first approach (after making sure the nozzles are clean), would be to trim a 1/2" or so and then reattach with a mini zip-tie. Zip ties make for good little hose clamps for some applications. Then I’d go to replacement of the lines if needed.

Thanks, everybody. I’ll try your suggestions and report back. :slight_smile:

I’ll go with the majority here and advise you to buy new wiper fluid hose. Some of the newer stuff is just black plastic that cracks and splits when it ages. Terrible stuff…replace it with real rubber hose.

Trim it back and use a hairdryer to get it nice and toasty to soften it up prior to pushing it over the nipple. That will reduce the propensity for splitting and allow it to go all the way on and conform to the barb when it cools thereby improving the holding power.