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Window only works when it's cold outside

Hi, my passenger window on my 2006 Dakota quits working when the ambient temperature is above about 75-degrees. It works fine when it’s chilly to cold outside. Is this a new feature so you can sweat to death, or could the window motor need replacing?

Could be the window, switch, BCM fault, or circuits in-between. Time to break out the multimeter and do some testing.

Lordy, lordy. Wouldn’t even know where to begin with all that…

Replacing parts to try and solve a problem seldom works and only costs you money in the end. Testing parts is much more effective and less expensive. And, today’s cars use electronic modules in everything. My Ford Explorer’s windows are controlled by the GEM (General Electronics Module). As module-happy as Dodge has become, I’d be surprised if yours were not controlled in a similar way.

OK, I’m up for a challenge. Can you point me in the right direction to begin? Do I start by taking the door panel off?