Wind noise from open sunroof

Does anyone have a late model car with a sunroof that is relatively quiet from wind noise when it is open? I love the fresh air and open feeling but hate the wind noise over 40 mph. ; can’t hear the radio. My Hyundai Santa Fe has on “pop up” fabric wind deflector, can’t accommodate the add on stick on type of deflector . Is there another car brand that has solved the problem? Thanks

My wifes 07 Lexus has a little spoiler that pops up in the front when the sunroof is open. Hardly any noise in the car when sunroof is open.

My Scion tC also has a little wind spoiler that pops up in front when the sunroof is open, and it’s pretty quiet when the sunroof is open.

But “noisy” can be a highly subjective term. All I can suggest is trying different vehicles until you find one that works for you noise-wise.

My old VW Rabbit had that little spoiler gadget too, and that seemed to help w/wind noise from the sun roof quite a bit. I sold that car years ago, but I don’t recall wind noise from an open sun roof being much of a problem.