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Wind deflectors for convertible

Wondering if anyone has tried retrofitting a wind screen/deflector in a convertible to reduce cab turbulence and noise?

I have a Mustang 1999 GT convertible, and would love to reduce the wind flow and noise in the cab when driving top down. I’ve seen a couple of options - mesh and acrylic screens - and would appreciate any feedback on which works better and is worth the investment.

Thanks in advance!

I have had two convertibles and the wind deflector thingy worked wonders in both. The Miata had a simple one behind and between both seats. It reduced in-cabin wind (the kind you don’t want) dramatically with the glass up or down. In my 4-seat Lexus IC 350C (similar to a Mustang in size) there was a much more elaborate wind screen that would eliminate the use of the back two seats. Worked fantastic. In that car, with the blocker deployed and glass up, you could talk on the hands-free phone on the highway without a problem. Get it. They worked in both of my convertibles. The way they work is they eliminate the wind that hits you from behind. You still get a nice breeze form the sides. Hard to explain, but if you try it you will see.

Thanks for the input. I’ve seen good reviews other places, too, so I went ahead and ordered one. Glad they worked well for you.

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Circle back and tell us how it works out.