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$2.5 million Dollar car totaled

Now I know why my insurance rates are so high,

Crash an electric car… damage the batteries so they short…significant “thermal event” occurs and consumes the car.

Glad Hamster is OK. It isn’t his first major crash.

Any insurance on a 2 million dollar car has got to be real expensive.

And that is assuming he could get it.

I think Amazon is self insured for this. A couple million bucks is a lot to any of us, but as a large business, Amazon can afford it. Amazon probably pays the three stars of the show $2 million each or more every season. The show requires exotic cars to be driven on the edge, and Amazon has to expect some losses.

Does Amazon offer auto insurance ??

Not that I know of, but I may be wrong.

Self insured means they choose not to buy insurance for some activity and pay for any losses out of their own pocket. It has nothing to do with Amazon selling insurance.

Amazon bought the show, the production company actually makes the show and is responsible for anything that happens. Considering there were 8 of these cars, I’d say any liability discussions were discussed between the car’s owner and the production company.

And you can get insurance on nearly ANYthing, $2 Million or not, for the right amount of money.

I know anything or anyone can be insured. That’s what Lloyds of London is about. The question is whether it is worth it given the cost. The production company may have decided it was not. It’s part of the cost of doing business, and it seems like this issue would be old hat to those In the business.

Given the “Top Gear” (now Grand Tour) crew… I’d have to agree! :wink:

Years ago the publishers of EVO magazine had to put up the insurance deductible on Harry Metcalfe’s Pagani Zonda (somewhere around 12,000 GBP) just for another writer to test the car for the magazine.

I suspect that the production company has some sort of liability insurance for this sort of situation.

I self-insure on my health insurance in Mexico. My best friend is a doctor’s wife, and she told me anything I can survive will cost less than $5,000 USD. So, while I have Medicare in the US for when I visit there, I do not buy health insurance here in Mexico. In my years here, I have saved many times more than $5,000 because due to lifestyle and self-treating, my health costs are nearly non-existent.

In fact, my only serious issue health-wise in the last five or ten years was caused by an incompetent doctor when I did go to one. I had a toe-nail infection, he chose to do surgery and he messed it up badly. It turned into SIBO and leaky gut (the common name for it.)

You’ll find incompetent people in any trade, in any country

30 or 40 years ago, my mom was undergoing a surgery, and the doctor messed up. And the result was that one of her eyelids was always drooping, giving her a somewhat strange appearance. The surgery had nothing to do with her face and/or eyesight, actually. I believe he damaged a nerve

Anyways, she hired a lawyer to sue the doctor, and she actually won the case. The general consensus was that she wouldn’t win. But it didn’t matter, because the lawyer somehow managed to embezzle the money that was awarded to my mom. Naturally, he spent everything on women, booze, etc. He was disbarred and went to prison, and my mom was left with nothing but her slight disfigurement. She never saw a dime

It doesn’t matter if you win, if you can’t collect . . .

Insurance or not, what a waste of a beautiful vehicle. I hope he is alright but I am always sad when I see expensive cars getting totalled.

When I see a crash in a modern race car of any type I always give silent thoughts to all those racers who died over the decades before modern safety designs and technology. And special thanks is always appropriate to guys like Don Garlits who pioneered racing safety. I remember seeing dramatic explosions of dragsters back when the driver sat on the “pumpkin”, the most dangerous spot to be second only to sitting on the engine itself. Thank God for these heroes of old.

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