Will the VIN number of a 2011 Chevrolet Traverse AWD LT w/1LT tell me if it has remote start

…and a cabin air filter? Thanks in advance.

If it was something installed by the manufacturer, the vin # will likely show that. Usually dealership parts places ask for the vin number when you go in to buy parts. If they don’t, and ask what kind of car it is, I’ll sometime say “well, you tell me. this is the vin #”.

It’s a good idea when giving a parts place the vin # btw to write it down and give it to them that way, rather than trying to convey it verbally. I had my computer printer type out 10 or so copies of the vin numbers of my cars in big print for that purpose.

The vin # will not tell you but it will tell any GM parts department.
Call a dealer and provide the last 8 of the vin. This will provide the option codes for the vehicle.

Is this your vehicle? If so the owners manual will tell you about the cabin filter.

Your auto insurer should have access to this information too. It is a lRge part of how they come up with the cost of your insurance. They also need it to know the parts on your car if it needs to be repaired.

From looking around online it seems that remote start only came on these vehicles as part of the connectivity package with among other things bluetooth and built in garage opener.