Will Teslas be able to avoid small animals?

Heading up I 65 for Chicago going about 75 with cars in front, back, and on the side, I encountered a U shaped piece of 1/4" aluminum (alaminium), about 8-10" high or so and maybe 16" wide. Must have been some kind of a cover. I had no choice but to straddle the dang thing to avoid the tires. Took a little nick out of the air dam but I suspect the computer would have run me right over the thing blowing one or more tires, and maybe a brake line. People drivers make split second decisions to make the best of a bad situation. Can’t say what the folks in back of me did since it was spinning heading for the ditch. A moving target is even worse to avoid since you have to calculate where it is going and where you are going at the same time. At least it didn’t stop in the middle and turn around again, and then stop again and head back over the highway like deer do.