Will self driving cars retain the joy of driving cars?

At a “Why Driving Matters” panel in Scottsdale, Ariz., in January, McKeel Hagerty, whose namesake firm insures vintage autos and sponsored the discussion, spoke fondly of the 1967 Porsche he bought while a teenager — and still owns.
“The car requires your full attention,” he said, “and I love it for that.”
“For me, being in a car without a lot of electronics means being present with myself,” Mr. Hagerty added. “I’m a different person when I’m driving on the open roads we have in northern Michigan. I don’t have my head down, looking at some digital device.”

Artificial intelligence could further allow autonomous cars to adjust themselves to each driver’s life patterns. Like a horse that senses it’s time to head for the stable.

I like McKeel Hagerty appreciate a manual transmission car . As I age it does keep me involved with operation of the vehicle as opposed to taking a nap! As far as sensing it’s time to go to the stable (home). I may not want to!

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