'When Cars Do the Driving, Who Will Feel the Joy?'

I’m more concerned about not crashing. Tesla’s ‘autopilot’ is anything but that:

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Maybe Tesla should call it Naught-o-pilot

I felt the same way when teaching my kids how to drive…


I have always thought driving instructors have to be the bravest people in the wold, spending all day in the right passenger seat while someone you know, doesn’t know how to drive, operates the car.

Yeah but they have that extra brake pedal in the passenger side. Like I said before our instructor had to use it once, when the girl in the class was driving. He was a former fighter pilot so not easily excited.

How many of us actually drive for pleasure? Don’t most people dread their commutes?

If I’m going to go on a pleasure cruise, I’m going to do it on a motorcycle or in a convertible, and I haven’t gone cruising without a destination in mind in years.

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Diving to get there, or get there to drive. I did the 45 minute to one hour commute for a number of years, did not hate or love it. Pleasure drives are still on my list, I would have to try a self driving car, my thought I would like it some of the time but not want it all of the time. Is there a term for self driving car? It would be nice to just type SDC or something.

The joy will be felt by the automakers who will sell a higher profit, more expensive car to the poor folks who will be mandated to drive (ride in) them since meat-bag controlled cars will be outlawed! :rofl:

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I’ll be delighted to ride in a self driving car on my commute. I’ll get another hour of precious sleep in the morning and can read during the afternoon commute.

But I’m gonna be mad when they ban manual-drive cars because what am I going to do with my weekends?


I’m thinking maybe “pajama cars” or PC for short. I heard they will include hot chocolate dispensers too.

Actually my one hour commute was a time in the morning to prepare for the day, listen to the news, have a cup of coffee, and be ready to go with my agenda by the time I got there. Likewise on the way home it was a time to transition from work to home so that all was forgotten by the time I got home. Outside of ten miles of traffic or winter roads, it was not a big deal.

Yeah and I still enjoy driving. Put 400 miles on yesterday. You haters just need to get out of the high population areas and breath the fresh air.

I don’t live in a high population area, but more and more I dislike the stupid maneuvers I see boneheads pulling on public roads. People are terrible drivers. Thank goodness my commute is only four miles each way, because people who drink coffee and daydream on their commutes make the roads less safe for the rest of us.

If people would focus on just driving, there would be no benefit from self driving cars.

I like getting out of urban traffic and tootling at whim along rural roads in farm country just across the river. I like the freedom to choose which ways to turn at random without an advance 'flight plan." Doubt that option is easily available in a self-driving computer on wheels.

We get out for a drive in the country a couple times a week driving to the in-laws house. Some of the trucks and all of the farm machinery are reaaaly slow. Have you noticed?

When in farm country I always give farm machinery right of way. And if I need to laze along slowly behind for awhile that’s ok. When they safely can, they always pull aside enough for me to pass and give me an appreciative wave for not having crowded or hurried them hauling a giant harrow or such behind their tractor.