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Will Self-Driving Cars Really Recruit "Mile High Club" Members?

This takes distracted driving to a new level.
Do you think it will really become a problem?

There is no doubt inmy mind what-so-ever that this will happen

THIS happens now,

So yes, it will happen, at sea level, at altitude, anywhere a car can go.

Is Waymo short for Waymo sex?

Driverless car sex gives a whole new meaning to “behind the wheel”.

is it a proposition if someone offers a Lyft?

It can be done even without a self driving car… or so I’ve heard…

Yes, yes it can. I passed a pickup truck many years ago being driven down the interstate by a young man with a young woman bouncing up and down in his lap facing him. He was watching the road over her shoulder. There was no doubt what was occuring.