Will I really be able to buy a NEW Studebaker?

…Probably not, given the likelihood of this new start-up not surviving long enough to produce a few cars, but…hope springs eternal…


Looks interesting, though they don’t remind me of the original Studies at all.


I wish the guy luck…Everybody in the world wants to sell cars in America…The trick is to do it and make money. 3000 a year is not worth the effort…

Another vaporware computer graphics car. Best part - "Studebaker Motor Company is not yet able to produce vehicles, as we are in the planning stages. However, we are almost ready to sell Studebaker shirts and hats."
ALMOST READY for shirts and hats?? What’s that take, $100? I don’t hold out much hope…

I would donate a dollar to get the company started but they would probably put me on their spam for life list. If Staples buys the company, I’m on the list right now.

I dunno, I never liked the later model Studs but if they’d bring back the 53 model, I’d like that in gray. Thing is, all he bought is the name, not the plant, equipment, engineers, etc. So even if they call it that it won’t be one.