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Will I pass Smog Check? Engine light reset, but repairs not done

Audi Allroad has to have a smog check soon.

But engine light was on, so I took to my mechanic. He Technician found faults for Exhaust Temp Sensor, short to ground and torque converter clutch stuck off.

Repairs cost more than car worth, so I took car back without doing repairs. Now engine light is off. Will it pass inspection?


It depends on how your state does inspection. An OBD download will likely find a stored fault code, but many areas still do just a combustion gas analyzer (tailpipe sniffer) and a visual check for a CEL light.

California. I’ve heard they are extra strict here. But I’ve also heard that some readers don’t have the details that an Audi shop would have. Thoughts?

As long as the light is off, the car should pass. The codes are still stored, but the light off means the situation is resolved.

The trouble codes can clear themselves. If enough data is collected that is good, it will displace the bad readings and turn off the light. If bad readings re-occur, then the light will return.

In California your best bet might be to just let them check it and see. You might luck out. If they find a stored code, get it fixed. You have nothing to lose.

Ah, so I have to drive it around a bit to get new codes? Doing some research and that seems to be the case.