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Fixed only to turn off Check Engine Light, will I pass smog test in Oregon?

Check engine light had been on for some time. I finally had check it, so I can get smog test done and renew registration.
When I checked OBD, it returned EVAP purge volume control valve and knock sensor. I replaced the EVAP purge volume control valve and turned off the Check Engine light. Even after a few days of driving, Check Engine light did not come on. But I checked the OBD again just in case. It did not have a code for EVAP purge volume control valve, but knock sensor was still on. But what’s strange is that it had a code for oxygen sensor. So, I got rid of one code and got another one.

Anyway, my question is can I pass smog test in Oregon (Portland area) if the Check Engine light is not on? Or do I need to fix every code OBD throws out at me? Oregon only has smog test for Portland and Salem area–not state-wide.

Also, on 1996 Maxima V6 engine, which is the BANK ONE. Is it the one close to the front of the car or is it the one close to the firewall?

Thank you.

Bank one is on the side with number one cylinder. If you have a knock sensor code or an oxygen sensor code your car will not pass. In fact if everything does not pass, it fails.