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Check Engine light off: Will I pass inspection?

My Check Engine light was on for a couple of weeks. It was P0144, which is Oxygen sensor 3. Then the light went off two days ago. (The light went off by itself.) The scanner still reads P0144 with no other pending code. I am due for inspection in February, which is a couple of days away. Will I be able to pass smog/inspection the way it is? Or do I need to wait until the codes disappears from the scanner? I know I am living on a borrowed time, and the Check Light could come back on anytime. So, if I don’t have to wait until the code doesn’t show up on the scanner, I would go on Feb. 1 and get the inspection done. I will eventually have to replace the oxygen sensor, but I would rather do it when it gets a little warmer.

In my state, NY, you can go for inspection at any time, You don’t have to wait for your current inspection to be up. It is just that your next inspection would be due a year from the month you get it inspected in. You would pass the emissions part in NY if the light is off and no more than one readiness monitor is unready to read.

Stored faults shouldn’t matter, only current or active faults, if the check engine light is not on and the monitors have passed the vehicle should pass inspection.

In my state an inspection certificate is good for 90 days, I complete my inspections 30 to 45 days in advance, others wait until the last day.