Will I be able to trade in my 2004 Saturn ION?

I currently own a 2004 Saturn ION coupe. I am thoroughly disenchanted with Saturn’s service department (not to mention the fact they will no longer be around). I want to buy a Honda Civic 2-door so I don’t have to wear a hat and dark glasses whenever I am in the car. Will anyone want to take my Saturn as a trade-in?

You can trade in anything; you just may not get much for a Saturn.

Yeah, I’m prepared for that. I just want to be sure SOMEONE will take the car.

When you trade in a car, two transactions take place: 1) you are buying a car from the dealer and 2) the dealer is buying a car from you. Now, you want the car the dealer has, but in all likelihood, he doesn’t want your car. If you can, reduce this to one transaction with the dealer. Sell your car for the wholesale value because the dealer won’t give you any more than this. You can then really bargain with the dealer to get his best price.

The only time I ever heard of a dealer wanting to buy a car from the customer was back in the late 1960’s. My brother had a 1963 Studebaker and found a nice, low mileage Buick LaSabre on a Buick dealer’s lot. The dealer kept making better offers for a trade. My brother had the Buick checked out and everything seemed fine. He finally asked the salesperson why the agency wanted so little difference between the cars. The salesman replied, “We have a little girl that comes in here almost every week looking for a Studebaker. She looked out your car while you were test driving our car. You realize the Buick you are interested in is a standard shift and is not equipped with power steering or brakes. There are very few people on the planet that want a stripped down big Buick”. My brother made the trade and at least he was happy. This, however, is a rare occurence.

Good post; OP should sell his Saturn privately after cleaning and waxing it. He will easily get the wholesale value.

Does the Saturn Ion have mechanical components similar to some other GM products ? Has the vehicle been satisfying otherwise ? Can you get another GM dealer that meets with your approval to service it ? If it gives you good service long enough, will it’s value will be more determined by it’s condition and reliability than name plate ? Do you really know people who think less of you because of the car you own, and are they worth knowing if they do ?
They would be important questions to answer before I’d dump the car.

There is a guy posting today looking for a 3000.00 car,try to get his attention.