Will hardly move when cold

When it is very cold outside the car will barely move. It takes a block or so for it to begin running properly. I noticed this began happening after dealership flushed the transmission. Not sure if it was a coincidence.

What year/miles on this Camry?

And is this the first transmission fluid service?


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It could be just low transmission fluid.

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2010 with a 160,000 miles. It was the first transmission service at start of fall. I didn’t notice it until weather turned cold .

I couldn’t find anyway to check transmission fluid.

If this is like my 2012, with no dipstick, the transmission has to be checked up a level lift at a certain temperature by removing the fill plug and seeing if the fluid is up to the hole.

A 10 year old car with 160k miles and no history of transmission servicing might be bad news. The fluid level needs to be checked but since it’s apparently been slipping the transmission life would be dramatically shortened.

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