Will 5x100 Subaru wheels be okay on an 08 Matrix

They both have 5x100 patterns but the Subaru wheels are a 50 offset and the Matrix wheels are 39.

Wondering if thats close enough for them to work without damaging the bearings, messing up the handling and such.

After engaging in a ton of wheel swap ventures over the years…I found, you can take no person’s word. You have to test fit and be willing to accept possible warranty problems. Check with the dealership for second issue and have a competent independent on the first.


Personally, I never differed from OEM wheels regardless of the what the dealer “Said” until after expired warranty. Then, I experimented.

Have you tried a Matrix specific forum? They may give you the fully skinny on it.

I’ve found stuff saything they will fit but I’m just worried about the difference in offset doing damage to bearings and what not.

Offset won’t affect bearing, just fit.