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Wife mouse problem

Just heard the call where the Wife had a mouse crawl across her foot and wouldn’t park her car again. The following diabolical suggestion is something that Ray SHOULD have thought of… Go to the local pet store with a little baggie and some tweezers. Go to the mouse cages and extract a goodly supply of mouse droppings. Deposit these mouse droppings in on the floor of her car, along with perhaps some food scrap.

After the screams die down, suggest that she park her car in the garage, where the cat is keeping the mice OUT.

He could get a rat snake and put it in the vehicle, it will take care of the mouse problem.

The other way to discourage mice from hanging out in the garage is to cut off their food supply of grass seed and bird seed…by keeping those stored in metal trash cans with tight fitting lids.

I discovered this trick after mice chewed through the gas vapor recovery line on my parent’s Jetta while it was parked in their garage, resulting in an exoensive repair ( gas tank had to be removed in order to replace the line). I checked their garage and noticed empty grass seed hulls and bird seed hulls scattered all over.

I went out and bought a metal trash can and stored all their seed in it. No more mouse food.

I found a mouse repellent that works perfectly for my car and inside my house I just sprinkled some around the car and inside my house I sprinkled some. I like that they aren’t killed leaving something else to worry about disposing of and there’s no poison for the pets and children to get into. A friend of mine caught 11 mice in her house in one week. After she used this and had no more rodents.