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Why would my '01 Jetta be running rough/jumpy at low speeds and stops?

This problem is random and recent, within the last week to two weeks. I’ve had only three random days where it’s been an issue, and each time was while driving home from work. Otherwise I’m fine. My car will go from good to not-so-good around the 9-10 mile point it seems, just as I’m getting off the highway. At first I thought it was a bad tank of gas (got it from the same place I got a dirty tank from before) or my fuel injector, so I added fuel injector cleaner and it ran fine for 4-5 days, but today it happened again, and again at around 9 miles. Today it got worse as I went on because I had to drop someone else off too.

I find that putting it in neutral at stop lights makes it bounce a little less, though it still does. At idle the RPMs dip up and down a little from normal to a bit below normal when this happens.

My check engine light would blink on and off, and then stay off after 15-20 seconds or so, though today it blinked for longer before finally just staying on. In my manual it says if it blinks it could be a damaged cat converter. Haven’t started it since.

So could it be my fuel injector, cat converter, or something else? Will I be cool to drive it for a few days until I get paid and can fix it? Please explain your reasoning. Thanks!

The Check Engine light means the computer has stored a code related to the problem you’re having. So the codes need to be pulled from the computer. Don’t be surprised if the problem is with the Mass Air Flow sensor. Which where problematic on these vehicles.